We went to SFCB today at 12pm and Katherine had having a studio at the time. We looked and waited for a moment.


The first work we do is to smear varnish on the board. Before that, we have to brush and clean the board. After that, we have to wait 30 minutes for dry. 


The second work is to font (not sure, I must double check this)  the cards. This is Alison‘s book. We have to font it and every page becomes half. Besides, we recognize some new friends today.


First, Ben (maybe, it’s difficult for me to remember somebody’s name in a short time, but I do my best). He is a volunteer here. He wants to be a printer so that’s the reason he choices here. He comes the institute for two months and had class here. He has to do anything here not only print.


Second, Alison, made a rabbit book. No more about her, but she is a cute lady.



What I think:

There are lot of people in the institute but most of them are volunteers. There are two teachers in the institute today. But I think more. Let me introduce them. Dyana, an executive director in this institute but looks serious. Colleen, program manager, had vacation now, we will meet until Auguat 11. Katherine is a print teacher and Rhiannon is a book biding teacher.


They made books by hand not machines. That is the reason how come the books sale the high price. It’s unique for every books.


So ~Why do I go to Center for the book? Not only learn how to make a book but also more about the Arts Management. How to sale the book? How to marketing? And who are customers? or how to plane a program. Everything all interesting and funny for me even though not arts management now.






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