We go to SFCB at the same time, 12:00 pm. Because it’s time for lunch, there are few people in the room. We start to work until Alison back.


First, we do the work as same as yesterday, front the cards. But it’s more difficult than yesterday. This is a fine card just like an art. We must front the cards very carefully. No error I expect. Not only measure it carefully but also concentrate my attention.


It’s really not an easy job but I got it. So Alison, made this book, sad that ” I should pay you because it’s really~ difficult. ” Wow~ I want to jump into the moon. The positive words from somebody always encourage me even though just piece a cake.


Second, we learn how to bookbinding. Rhiannon is great at the skill.




What I think:

If you ask me what you learn so far not only in the institute but also in San Francisco? I will tell you I have more courage to have conversation with somebody. I have more opportunities to connect with foreigner and experience different kind cultures. I have a little bit (maybe) confidence in my mind even though I spoke poor English.


How wide of the earth and how mini size of my thought. Don’t hesitate to try any new things. I never forget this.

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