We go to institute at 10:30 am and Anne comes to here, too. We meet her at 4:00 pm. She introduces something for us. Some books display in the bookcase. There are big one and small one. Do you know how much is the big one? The answer is USD$300 . Because this is few and made by hand. wow~ how amazing.


There is a committee in the institute. Anne is one of the five members. They choose artists to reside here for few months. The teachers here, Katherine and Rhiannon, will teach them how to make a book. The artists are different kind fields just like sculptures, painting or science. They have to submit their proposal and learn making books. Since this is a non-profit institute, they have to sell books and earn money.


We recognize some friend here. Let me introduce them.

Allison. This is her book, Rabbitpox. We work for her and helping finish the book.




Margaret. She is a lovely girl and always has good smile on her face. She is an English teacher and volunteer here. We also meet her in Stern Grove Festival. The wonderful thing is that she invites us to join her party on August 14. I'm so excited.



Margart 邀請我們去參加她的Party~我樂翻了 



Erric.(sorry, maybe spell like this ). He is a serious man. But he concentrat in his works.



They are my new friends in my life.

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