Today is our lucky day. Why I say that? Because we meet a bus driver, we meet last time and had good image on him.


Last time, we want to ask somebody where can we buy the MUNI ticket ? Then we saw a bus stop on the roadside, we got on bus and asked the questions we want. He is very kind and nice, he told us where can buy and took us to the place. He didn’t receive the money when we pay to him.


We shall remember the warmth and kindness of him for a long time and hope to meet him again on the same bus, same road and same time.


Today, we just take a walk around the city until 7:00 pm. We all hungry and tired that we don’t have any desire to walk home. So we play a game “choose a whatever bus.” The two buses come at the same time. But everyone all get on the first one so we look forward to another one. Then the small wish is becoming a true. We really meet him. We scream and very excited when we are meeting. Everyone on the bus all look at us. How special meeting here.


We just indulge in our world but don’t know where the bus to go. The bus drives on the free way and go to another place just like a county. We try to find out the place where we stay but it’s out of the map.


The passengers want to help us and asked that:

“ Where are you going?”

“Are you going to school?”

“Are you going to China town?”


But we don’t know how to answer those questions. Then the bus driver told them “they just follow me.” .......Wow~ how embarrassing. I want to jump into a hall.


Everyone all get off the bus at final stop. Then we have the chance to talk to him finally.

“Would you back to downtown?”

“Yes, I finish my work now and I will drive the bus back. Don’t worry.”

“Great !” “Do you really remember us?”

“Yeb~ you want to buy the tickets and.....” “I drive the bus back then I will drive my car take you home, OK?”



He drives the bus to a place, buses sleep here. A man, he called him “money man”, take money from bus and he introduces the bus and place for us. The workers clean and examine the bus every night. Yes, they work in the night.


We invite him and his family have dinner next time. It’s really a great memory.

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